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CRPG Book Project Released - Free Digital Book (Featuring My TRON 2.0 Review)

By TronFAQ on Monday, February 05, 2018 at 9:48 AM

You may or may not recall me mentioning this before. A couple of years ago, I was invited to write a TRON 2.0 review for a book.

It’s named the CRPG Book Project, and its first complete release debuted today.


An incredible resource, it covers CRPGs (Computer Role-Playing Games) dating as far back as the early 1970s, all the way up to today’s modern titles. It reviews, and preserves the history of, over 400 games.

The CRPG Book Project is a non-profit digital book, that aims to review as many classic and modern CRPGs as possible. With emphasis on accuracy (development history and game mechanics), and finding reviewers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the game titles that they review.

A printed physical hard copy version of the book is being looked into, which would be sold at cost, since this is a non-profit endeavor. But for now, you can download this 528 page book in .PDF form completely for free!

Read up on over 400 games, in one convenient, attractive package. It covers a great many influential, noteworthy, and even overlooked titles. With some reviews written by game journalists, or even the game developers themselves.

You’ll find ones from luminaries in game development or the gaming press, such as: Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Fallout: New Vegas), Peter “Durante” Thoman (of DSFix fame), George Weidman (Super Bunnyhop), and Jason Scott (Internet Archive), etc. in addition to my own review.

TRON 2.0 qualified for inclusion in the book, because it’s a First-Person Shooter/Role-Playing Game hybrid, featuring light RPG elements such as experience points, character progression, "inventory" management, and skill and "equipment" upgrades (subroutines).

My TRON 2.0 review can be found on page 318 of the book.

Again, I’d like to thank the curator/editor of the book, Felipe Pepe, for being patient with me. It took a long time to write, and I kept making endless revisions to the review. (Which was originally much longer, but had to be edited down to fit into two pages. So I had to pick and choose, which points about the game were the most important to address.)


Disney Updates TRON 2.0 And TRON Evolution On Steam

By TronFAQ on Sunday, July 02, 2017 at 7:18 PM

Disney (whose game division seems to continually reorganize and rebrand itself every year, so I've given up keeping track) has updated TRON 2.0 and TRON Evolution on Steam.

The TRON Evolution update occurred on June 28th, 2017. With the TRON 2.0 update following a couple of days later, on June 30th, 2017.

Both are stated as having "Windows 10 compatibility" updates applied to them. While the official news about the update for TRON Evolution posted on Steam is accurate, the news for TRON 2.0 is a bit of a mischaracterization about what the update entails.

The version of Games for Windows Live (GFWL) bundled with TRON Evolution on Steam, until now, was the same version included on the PC Retail DVD disc version. This version of GFWL only worked correctly on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Installing the game from Steam on any version of Windows later than 7, would result in the installation attempt failing. The end-user would be required to find, download, and install the most recent GFWL in order to solve this issue and allow installation to complete. With the Steam update, this is no longer necessary.

Contrary to rumor, GFWL has not been completely shut down. Only the GFWL marketplace (where you could buy games) was closed. You are still able to log into GFWL, and still play Multiplayer matches, in TRON Evolution. (GFWL simply utilizes Xbox Live servers in order to function. So there's little reason for Microsoft to end GFWL support, as long as Xbox Live continues to exist.)

For TRON 2.0, the game has always been able to run properly on Windows 10. As shown in the video above.

But an extra launcher program (TronLauncher.exe) was added to the Steam release. This launcher was flawed, and could prevent the game from starting on Windows 10. (For that matter, it also could prevent the game from starting on Windows 8.1, 8, and even 7.)

I created a patched version of the launcher, and made it available almost immediately after this was introduced to the Steam release. Disney has now patched the launcher in the same manner, meaning the end-user is no longer required to find, download, and install an alternative launcher that would allow the game to run.

However, the game itself has not been updated.

No version of TRON 2.0 (Steam, GOG, and certainly not Retail) has received any Windows 10 specific updates to the game itself. Or official updates of any kind, for that matter. No new in-game features have been added, and no additional bugs fixed, since the game's final retail patch in 2003. Only unofficial fan-made updates exist at this time. (Unless you want to call Steam trading cards, and cloud saves, new features.)

While it's great that Disney has finally addressed both games' issues, I can't help but wonder why it's taken almost three years (since they debuted on Steam) to fix the problems. Disney has known about them, since day one. Both games have received many a negative review, or refund request, in the meantime.

So while these updates are, perhaps, not what people were really hoping for: if they raise awareness of both games, and make people want to play them again, then that is most certainly a good thing. :)

December 23rd, 2017 UPDATE: I've added an embedded video to this article, showing that it's possible to get the original Retail disc version of TRON 2.0 to run on Windows 10, using the fan-made Unofficial Patch from 2003. This, again, demonstrates that the "Windows 10 update" for the Steam version of TRON 2.0 is not what it's been made out to be. TRON 2.0 has always been able to run on Windows 10.

TRON 2.0 Released On GOG.com

By TronFAQ on Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 7:50 PM

TRON 2.0 has been released on GOG.com today, at an introductory price of $9.99 USD!

I had already speculated that the game would be showing up there soon, a few months ago. Based on some datamining that someone did of the GOG site. It arrived a bit later than expected (December instead of October), but it’s here!

Right now, I have no idea how well all the mods for TRON 2.0 will work with the GOG version of the game. (Someone posted in the GOG forum that supposedly the Killer App Mod works fine with the GOG version.)

Regardless, I’ll test all the mods and see how they work with it. And make any adjustments to make mods work better with it, if necessary. (GOG did not contact LDSO or give me a heads-up about this release, in any way.)

Right now it doesn’t include any extras like GOG games usually do (wallpapers, soundtrack, etc.), but if GOG is willing to work with me I may be able to provide some rare extras (if they can’t source enough from Disney).

Thanks to Employee_427 on Twitter for the tip! (Apparently GOG hasn't even tweeted about the release on their Twitter account yet, at the time I’m writing this!)

March 21st, 2017 UPDATE: I'm late in adding this, but I wanted to mention that thanks to PaulTheTall and his ThePortingKit project, it's possible to quite easily play the GOG Windows version of TRON 2.0 on OSX/MacOS on a Mac.

I've also since tested all the existing TRON 2.0 mods with the GOG version of TRON 2.0, and posted my results on the GOG.com forum here. The short answer is that, yes, they all work without needing any updates.

TRON RUN/r Mac, Linux, SteamOS Versions Cancelled

By TronFAQ on Friday, October 07, 2016 at 3:09 PM
Afraid I’ve got a bit of bad news. It looks like the Mac/Linux/SteamOS versions of TRON RUN/r have been cancelled.

Development on these versions were already well underway, not long after the release of the Windows version of the game on Steam. They briefly became available on the Steam store page (for one day) back in March 2016, but were then quickly pulled. (Note the Apple and Linux/SteamOS logos on the archived store page.)

Updates to the Mac/Linux/SteamOS versions continued behind the scenes until May 2016, but then stopped. So from June until now (October 2016) there were no updates at all.

However, a few days ago another update occurred. They were removed according to SteamDB, and are no longer considered supported versions of the game.

Something else I’ve noticed, is that development on the Windows version of the game stopped in July after the Outlands DLC was released. So no updates for the last two months. Prior to this, TRON RUN/r was constantly being updated behind the scenes. But it might be jumping the gun to say that there may be no more updates or new DLC, so I’ll keep an eye out to see if the situation changes.

Oh My Disney Article Reveals Daft Punk Tracks Not Used In TRON Legacy

By TronFAQ on Friday, September 09, 2016 at 10:09 PM
The Disney owned site Oh My Disney revealed how they convinced Daft Punk to do the soundtrack for TRON Legacy.

I always thought it was director Joseph Kosinski who wanted them. But it turns out that it was Disney themselves, long before Kosinski was brought on board or even a single frame of film was shot.

Also, there was a collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay-Z on one song meant for TRON Legacy, but it wasn’t used in the film and wasn’t officially released. The song leaked online a couple of years ago, however.

Unused Daft Punk and Jay-Z collab track "Computerized"

Another really interesting revelation is that Daft Punk composed a lot more music for TRON Legacy — that, again, ended up not being used — and is yet to be released in any form. (However, these were considered “temp” tracks. Daft Punk may have felt they were not up to the standard of the others.)

There’s plenty more that can be gleaned from the Oh My Disney article, so I definitely recommend everyone checks it out!

My TRON 2.0 Review For The CRPG Book Project

By TronFAQ on Friday, March 25, 2016 at 12:06 AM

I've mentioned working on this before, but it’s finally done and has been accepted. My review of TRON 2.0 for the CRPG Book project!


Doing the review has had an impact on the amount of time I could spend working on mod projects, up until now. (Part of why the next version of the Killer App Mod is taking so long.) But there was simply no way I could turn down the offer to write it. :)

I felt it was an extremely important opportunity, especially since my review will be in the same company as those written by people who are luminaries in game development or the gaming press. Such as Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Fallout: New Vegas), Peter “Durante” Thoman (of DSFix fame), George Weidman (Super Bunnyhop), Jason Scott (Internet Archive), and more.

I want to thank the curator/editor of the book, Felipe Pepe, for being patient with me. It took a long time to write, and I kept making endless revisions to the review. (Which was originally much longer, but had to be edited down to fit into two pages. So I had to pick and choose, which points about the game were the most important to address.)

June 8th UPDATE: The fourth preview of the CRPG Book Project in downloadble .PDF form has just been released, which now contains my TRON 2.0 review!

TRON Evolution PC Multiplayer Map Pack #1 DLC Download

By TronFAQ on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 8:54 PM
Took a break from modding TRON 2.0, to turn my attention to TRON Evolution for a moment.

If you bought the Retail DVD version of TRON Evolution for PC, it came with a code that let you download two additional Multiplayer maps for free. For some reason (in a typical display of Disney Interactive’s wisdom), these maps were not included with the Steam version of TRON Evolution.

GFWL (Games for Windows Live) still works, and you can play Multiplayer online with other players, no problem. But these maps can no longer be downloaded from GFWL via the code, even on the Retail DVD version. Great, huh?

Well, fret not. Since anyone who bought the game at release was entitled to these two maps for free, I have no qualms about making these available again. (Besides, without the game this DLC is pretty useless.)

TRON Evolution Multiplayer Map Pack #1 DLC Download

After you run the installer, you’ll have two additional Multiplayer maps in TRON Evolution. Codestream Nexus and User’s Plaza. This installer should work for either the Retail DVD or Steam version of the game.

I’d like to thank my pal Parallax Abstraction for helping me test the map installer. The maps showed up for him in-game, and we played a few matches. These maps did indeed seem to be working correctly in terms of game mechanics and scoring, as far as we could tell.

The only thing I’m definitely not certain about, is whether this installer will work for people who are playing TRON Evolution in a language other than English. It should work. But, I can’t 100% guarantee that. Everyone let me know if you have any issues with the installer.