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TRON 3 To Begin Filming In 2015 According To Latest Rumor

By TronFAQ on Monday, March 09, 2015 at 6:18 PM

There were earlier rumors that the sequel to TRON Legacy might have begun filming in 2014, which turned out not to be true. Now, a new rumor suggests TRON 3 might finally begin filming in October 2015.

The source of the rumor, started here:

I've archived the tweet, just in case it gets deleted. But I won't get too excited, until this is confirmed by an official source.

The possible sequel title may be TRON: Ascension.

Search this page for it (has also been archived in case of deletion):

Thanks to ProfPumpkin and spillwaybrain on Reddit for the tips.

March 10th, 2015 UPDATE: The site Van City Buzz has posted an article about the possibility of TRON Ascension filming in October 2015.

While this lends a bit of further credibility to the rumor — with the site likely thinking they have a strong case that justifies publishing the story — the source quoted in this article is Lindsay Barker, who is the same person that wrote the earlier tweet, which started all this speculation.

Thanks to captainfranklen on Reddit for the tip.

However, we also have an article from the site Badass Digest, where the author claims to have a "trusted source" that TRON 3 has been greenlit and Joseph Kosinski is indeed returning as director.

Thanks to @Employee_427 (aka Neo) on Twitter for sending me the news about the Badass Digest story.

And now Slashfilm has posted an article, seemingly corroborating Badass Digest's "source" that TRON 3 is a go, and Kosinski is returning. They also mention that they're reaching out to Disney for an official statement.

Thanks to Auric on TRON-Sector for the news!

I received an interesting tweet from actor @Alex_Sanon on Twitter, suggesting he will be in the rumored TRON 3, based on his Twitter account's history of tweets. I've archived his tweet, just in case it gets deleted.

March 14th, 2015 UPDATE: Both Bruce Boxleitner — TRON himself — and The Hollywood Reporter, state that TRON 3 aka TRON Ascension has still not officially been greenlit.

I also suggest everyone reads spillwaybrain's article for some more in-depth analysis on the rumor, and why it should be treated with cautious optimism.

April 8th, 2015 UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter states that both Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra), will be returning for TRON 3 aka TRON Ascension.

This isn't surprising at all, because both were under contract for another sequel, anyway. So it's almost non-news. However, you could argue that this tacitly confirms the next sequel has been greenlit. (Or else, this announcement would not have been made.)

Still no official statement or press release about a greenlight, direct from Disney, though. In fact, today (April 8th, 2015) Bruce Boxleitner — TRON himself — stated that he still has not heard from Disney that TRON 3 has officially been greenlit.

Yet, Entertainment Weekly now claims they have confirmed that TRON 3 has indeed been greenlit. The article also speculates that the film will not be released until 2017, at the earliest. (By the way, ignore the other "rumored" TRON 3 titles — other than TRON Ascension — in the article. The author is just messing with the reader, and having a laugh.)

Who to believe? Well, I'd still like to see a direct quote or press release from Disney, before I finally commit to the belief that the film is moving ahead, in the way that all these rumors have stated. It's not that I doubt a TRON 3 is coming. But the exact details, of what has been "leaked" so far, may not be entirely accurate.

Thanks to UnitedTronArmy on Twitter for the all the news updates today!

April 20th, 2015 UPDATE: Collider.com has an interview with Olivia Wilde (Quorra), who states she's "heard" that TRON 3 aka TRON Ascension is meant to begin filming in October 2015. But when you watch the video of her being interviewed, that accompanies the article, it's clear she's not sure if that's actually going to be the case.

So, at least as far as Wilde is concerned, the greenlighting of TRON 3 is still unconfirmed. (Unless she's under a gag order, otherwise known as NDA.) We only have Entertainment Weekly's word to go on, regarding TRON 3 actually being greenlit.

Part of the headline for the Collider.com article states: "Olivia Wilde Says Story Follows Quorra in the Real World". Yet, when you read the article and watch the video, this is actually not stated anywhere. It's merely implied. Though, an earlier rumor also mentioned that more of TRON 3 would be taking place in the real world, versus TRON Legacy. Which I, personally, am not enthused about if true.

It's looking more and more likely, that the greenlighting of TRON 3 won't officially be announced until San Diego Comicon 2015 in July, or the upcoming D23 Expo 2015 in August.

Thanks to Mr-Wilde on Reddit for the tip.

May 29th, 2015 UPDATE: Fans' hopes of a TRON 3 sequel coming any time soon, may just have been dashed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has canceled any immediate plans to produce another TRON sequel. (The THR article also states that Disney was interested in adding Jared Leto to the cast, which is the first I've heard of this.)

I did warn everyone, that Disney never officially stated a TRON 3 was in production. It was mostly (possibly educated) speculation on the part of many entertainment news sites. There apparently was some prep work being done, to begin filming a sequel, but it was all still in the very early stages. Definitely no substantial pre-production going on.

Looks like we'll have to wait at least another year or two, for the film to be taken off the backburner again. For the immediate future, perhaps all we can expect is a new game or some merchandise. Very disappointing.

There is some speculation that the poor performance of Disney's Tomorrowland film, has caused them to get cold feet about going ahead with a TRON 3. (Since TRON Legacy did not exactly set the world on fire.) I have to admit: the timing of this news, and the film doing poorly, are more than just coincidental. Don't you think?

May 30th, 2015 UPDATE: Variety has added more details, quoting an unnamed Disney executive (probably Alan Horn) as stating that they couldn't find a spot in their film schedule until 2018, to fit in a TRON 3 release. Which sounds like a weaksauce excuse to me.

On the other hand, someone "familiar with the project" is also quoted as saying that the sequel "could resurface at some point". So, there is still some modicum of hope that TRON 3 will be revived again in a couple of years.

Thanks to Oniell Ford for the tip!

An article on The Wrap adds that Olivia Munn was supposedly in talks to appear in the film, as well. (Again, this is the first I've heard of any additional casting.)

I've done this quick video on the cancellation of TRON 3, again explaining why you might not want to give up hope just yet (based on the "could resurface" quote).

Disney Working On New TRON Game? (Why It Might Not Be What You Think It Is)

By TronFAQ on Friday, February 13, 2015 at 3:06 PM
There's a rumor of a new TRON game in the works. The original source of the rumor seems to be this article on Clash Music.

In it, Giorgio Moroder is interviewed, and he states that he's working together with dubstep artist Skrillex, to create five themes for a "new" TRON game. Moroder is famous for his synth-pop tunes from the 70's and 80's, and has composed many soundtracks for films. He's also an idol of the duo Daft Punk, who as you all know, did the soundtrack for the TRON Legacy movie sequel. Which probably explains his involvement with this new project.

I'm going to meet Skrillex next week when I'm back. I'm doing the music for a game for Disney's 'Tron'. We have about five themes, electronic stuff and let's see if he's interested in remixing or re-working one of the songs.

- Giorgio Moroder, in an interview with Robin Murray at Clash Music

I personally find Giorgio Moroder an intriguing choice, and actually am looking forward to what he comes up with. But, Skrillex? Really? I know he's done music for video games, before. But he seems like a rather odd choice to compose music for a TRON game. We'll see, I guess.

A lot of people are getting very excited, believing this to be a big-budget TRON game like TRON Evolution, and TRON 2.0, before it. But, unless a TRON 3 sequel has been secretly greenlit and entered into pre-production, I sincerely doubt that this new game is what people think it is. Disney would not release a big-budget AAA TRON game title out-of-the-blue, like this. Not without the ability to tie it into the marketing of the next TRON sequel, and cross-promote.

No, what's far more likely is one of two possibilities. It's either a low-budget mobile or free-to-play online game, or it's an expansion for Disney Infinity.

These options make far more sense. Disney Games' workforce has been pared back to almost nothing, particularly in terms of actual game development. The only employees working at Disney that are still creating any game title(s), are in their mobile division and those working on Infinity.

Everything else has been, and will be, outsourced to other game developers/publishers. Disney already tried making their own big-budget AAA games, and did rather poorly at it, as I mentioned in a previous article. At this time, Disney is no longer interested in making big-budget games themselves.

They're allowing other, more experienced game companies, to shoulder the burden of development and the financial risk. A good example of this is the new "rebooted" Star Wars: Battlefront, being developed by EA and DICE for Disney. (Which, coincidentally, is being released at the same time Star Wars Episode VII aka The Force Awakens hits theaters. Again, the timing of the game release coincides with the film release. More fuel, to support the theory that a big-budget TRON game won't be done without a movie tie-in to go with it.)

There is also a remote chance, that Moroder and Skrillex could be composing tracks for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Since KH3 will again have a TRON world in it.

While Disney had, or has, almost nothing to do with the development of the Kingdom Hearts titles, they did contribute assets to the TRON world in Kingdom Hearts 2. So they may be doing it again, with KH3. Disney also published and distributed KH2 outside of Japan (specifically North America).

February 21st, 2015 UPDATE: I've created a companion video to go along with this article, that discusses a few things not mentioned here.

March 9th, 2015 UPDATE: There's a rumor that's started, about how TRON 3 may begin filming in October this year.

If this is true, with a sequel on the way, then it would make sense for Disney to do another big-budget AAA TRON game. (Which is something I said in the video.)

TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod v1.1a Released

By TronFAQ on Friday, October 31, 2014 at 1:36 AM

Killer App Mod v1.1a is an interim release that works better with the Steam version of TRON 2.0, fixes bugs, and restores Multiplayer support in-game on both the CD/DVD and Steam versions of the game.

Download link to Killer App Mod v1.1a

The updated mod should show up on ModDB soon, which will likely give TRON 2.0 Multiplayer a shot in the arm from this point forward.

You might also want to grab the Complete Map Pack that has fan-made Multiplayer maps in it. There are a number of them that are actually very good . . . retail quality.

This interim version of the mod does not have the majority of the huge improvements that will be in v1.2 of the Killer App Mod. You can get a taste of what v1.2 will offer, in a previous article. Examples of improvements in v1.2 are: better widescreen support, being able to select non-4:3 resolutions in-game, recreated weapons from the Xbox version of the game in Multiplayer and Single Player, and additional languages (Russian and Hungarian).

But a few of the improvements that were originally meant to debut with v1.2, have been back-ported to v1.1a. A full list of the changes from v1.1 to v1.1a can be found here.

The most significant change, is restored functional Multiplayer without the need to install the old Multiplayer Fix any more. The in-game server browsing and joining features are now working again. Clunky, awkward, out-of-game solutions are no longer required.

Note that v1.1a of the Killer App Mod is not compatible with v1.1 for online Multiplayer. Everyone playing together in a match must be using v1.1a, and that includes the server hosting the match. I recommend uninstalling v1.1 before replacing it with v1.1a. LDSO has TRON 2.0 Multiplayer servers hosting matches on weekends, and they are currently running v1.1a. LDSO will also be providing the owner of the tron-servers.net servers with v1.1a, so he can update his servers and then anyone with v1.1a can join.

Killer App Mod v1.1a was tested on both the CD/DVD Retail and Steam versions, and will work with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit in all cases). It should also still work on 98/Me/2000, but was not tested on those versions of Windows.

We don't have an exact ETA for the Killer App Mod v1.2 update. We were hoping to finally have it done by the end of 2014, but time spent on v1.1a likely means there will be a delay until early 2015. If GOG.com releases their own version of TRON 2.0, we will either create another interim update or add support to v1.2.

Thanks from the Killer App Mod team, and if you have any questions or comments: visit the LDSO message forum, or leave comments here.

Help Test Killer App Mod v1.1a BETA (Works Better With Steam Version Of TRON 2.0)

By TronFAQ on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 3:08 AM
October 31, 2014 UPDATE: This article is out of date. Killer App Mod v1.1a has been released.

The release of TRON 2.0 on Steam, has necessitated an interim, updated release of the Killer App Mod. The current v1.1 of the mod does not work very well with the Steam version of the game.

For the last two weeks: I've set version 1.2 of the mod aside, to work on v1.1a. Disney Games updating TRON 2.0 on Steam three times since release (as of the time I'm writing this), slowed down my efforts to get v1.1a done in a more timely manner.

But, v1.1a is finally ready for testing. This is considered a Beta version of v1.1a, so I cannot guarantee it will work 100% smoothly for everyone. That's why I need people who will volunteer to test it, and provide feedback. I want to hear back from everyone who tries it. Regardless of whether it works well, or you have problems. Hearing people say "it works well for me, no problems, thanks!" is just as important as hearing about any issues you might encounter.

The mod was tested on XP, 7, and the latest Windows 10 Preview (Build 9860). It worked fine for me on all three different computers running those versions of the OS. It should also work fine on Windows 8/8.1.

I've also tested several of the other mods like the User Error Single Player expansions, the Complete Map Pack (fan-made custom Multiplayer maps), the Ancient Disc Mod, and so on. You can get these mods from this page. They all seemed to work fine with the Steam version of TRON 2.0, so I won't be releasing any updates for those. Killer App is the only mod that really needed updating.

This interim version of the mod does not have the majority of the huge improvements that will be in v1.2 of the Killer App Mod. You can get a taste of what v1.2 will offer, in this article. But a few of the improvements that were originally meant to debut with v1.2, have been back-ported to v1.1a. A full list of the changes from v1.1 to v1.1a can be found here.

But the most significant change, is restored functional Multiplayer without the need to install the old Multiplayer Fix any more. The in-game server browsing and joining features are now working again. Clunky, awkward, out-of-game solutions are no longer required.

This Beta version of the mod is still a bit rough around the edges. Text in the installer isn't always neatly formatted, the documentation is something of a mess (and it won't be properly updated until v1.2), and there are some other minor issues I still need to fix. One important issue to be aware of: Do not uninstall v1.1a while Steam is running. Be sure to quit Steam first.

Note that v1.1a of the Killer App Mod is not compatible with v1.1 for online Multiplayer. Everyone playing together in a match must be using v1.1a, and that includes the server hosting the match. I recommend uninstalling v1.1 before replacing it with v1.1a. I've got LDSO TRON 2.0 Multiplayer servers hosting matches on weekends, and they are currently running the Beta v1.1a. I will also be providing schmatzler with v1.1a, so he can update his servers and then anyone with v1.1a can join.

If you want to test Killer App v1.1a: visit the LDSO site and click "Contact LDSO" to send an e-mail. I will send you the download link through Steam chat, or a private message on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or I'll send you an e-mail. Whichever method you prefer.

Don't bombard me with requests in the comments section of this article. I won't be responding to them.

TRON 2.0 PC Version Now Available On Steam

By TronFAQ on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 11:27 PM
And now TRON 2.0 has arrived four days later on Steam (as of the time this article was written).


As I stated in my previous article about the release of TRON Evolution: When TRON 2.0 didn't show up at the same time as TRON Evolution, I didn't hold out much hope of TRON 2.0 seeing any kind of a digital release, any time soon. I'm very surprised to see it follow so quickly.

I would have preferred a GOG.com release. I suppose that could still happen. But for now, it's Steam only.

I'm currently figuring out whether or not all the patches/mods on the All TRON 2.0 Files page, can be made to work with the Steam version of the game. I'll update this article as I discover what works and what doesn't. If LDSO mods need to be updated to work with the Steam version, I'll see about getting that done ASAP.

October 11th, 2014 UPDATE: For people having trouble with TRON 2.0 "forgetting" settings and going to defaults, and also people having trouble getting Killer App Mod v1.1 to install: I have solutions for both on the Steam version of TRON 2.0.

For TRON 2.0 "forgetting" settings and going to defaults:
Right-click on the Desktop, and highlight New on the menu. Then click Shortcut on the next pop-up menu that appears.

Click Browse. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Tron 2.0. Click on TRON.exe, then OK. Click Next. Then Finish.

Now, right-click the new shortcut you created on the Desktop. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Click the Compatibility tab. Put a checkmark in the box named Run this program as an Administrator. Click OK.

YOU MUST USE THIS SHORTCUT THAT YOU CREATED YOURSELF TO RUN THE GAME. If you run TRON 2.0 from Steam, it resets all the settings back to defaults. I'll see if I can eventually find a workaround so that you can run the game within Steam, but for now you have to use this shortcut on the Desktop or in your Start menu.

DO NOT USE THE OPTION IN STEAM TO CREATE A DESKTOP SHORTCUT. This also will reset settings to defaults if you run the game from it.

For those who don't have optical drives and are using the Lithtech.exe shortcut bypass mentioned by me in this Steam forum post, set the Lithtech.exe shortcut to Run this program as an Administrator as well.

For installing Killer App Mod v1.1:
After extracting the contents of ka_mod_v1x1_setup.zip, go into the Killer App Mod folder. Before you run ka_mod_v1x1_setup.exe right-click on the icon. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Click the Compatibility tab. Put a checkmark in the box named Run this program as an Administrator. Click OK.

Now Killer App Mod v1.1 will install properly on the Steam version. (This step isn't necessary for the Retail CD version.)

These two steps worked for me. I'll keep testing more of the mods and see how things go.

When Killer App Mod v1.2 is released, I'll ensure it works with the Steam version (and GOG version if one shows up by then). It will automate all of these steps, so you won't have to mess around like this.

TRON Evolution PC Version Now Available On Steam

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, October 07, 2014 at 1:30 AM
TRON Evolution just arrived on Steam in the last 24 hours (as of the time this article was written).


The Steam release of TRON Evolution has blindsided me. I had no idea it was coming out.

But somehow I managed to post an article with a video showing TRON Evolution (and TRON 2.0) working just fine on Windows 10, the day before its Steam release. Quite an epic coincidence. :) I show how to get both games running properly. (I also have a video showing them running on Windows 8. But Win 10 is still so similar to Win 8 that pretty much everything in the 10 video applies to 8.)

I won't be getting the Steam version unless Disney decides to allow us to use our Retail DVD serial keys to redeem a free copy on Steam. I don't feel like buying the game twice.

Be warned that the Steam version still comes with Games for Windows Live and Securom. Also, the version of GfWL included is apparently out of date which will prevent the game from running on 8/8.1/10. Seems Disney just took what they had and slapped it up on Steam, with virtually no effort put into its re-release.

If an outdated GfWL client is the reason why people can't get the Steam version of Evolution to work, then downloading and installing the GfWL from the link in the article with the Windows 10 video and installing over top of the old GfWL should solve the problem.

I have no idea if TRON 2.0 will be coming out any time soon on Steam. But, probably not, considering how Disney pretends as if TRON 2.0 no longer exists. (Likely since it doesn't "fit in the canon" any more. Bleh. :p)

Any chance of Disney games showing up on GOG.com instead, probably went down the drain with this announcement. But I hope otherwise!

At least Disney is starting to explore new avenues of selling their older titles, rather than just sitting on them. Maybe one day TRON 2.0 will become available again, after all.

Do TRON 2.0 And TRON Evolution Work On Windows 10 Technical Preview?

By TronFAQ on Sunday, October 05, 2014 at 5:55 PM

This video is long and a bit boring, but I wanted to show any problems I had in getting TRON 2.0 or TRON Evolution running in Windows 10 Technical Preview. So I demonstrate where I hit roadblocks, and how to get around them.

I also wanted to prove the games actually were being installed and attempted to run on Windows 10. So they've been run in windowed mode, rather than full screen. Unfortunately, Camtasia Studio isn't behaving quite right on Windows 10 when it records. The mouse pointer often appears as if it's not moving.

It's best to watch the video in higher quality HD so you can see the details better.

Link to GfWL Client that works on Windows 10 (and XP/Vista/7/8):

NOTE: v1.2 of the Killer App Mod isn't available yet. I'm currently working on it, and hope to have it done by the end of 2014. The current version is v1.1.

October 8th, 2014 UPDATE: Your software firewall may block Games for Windows Live and prevent you from signing in. You need to add an exception to your firewall that allows C:\Program Files (x86)\Disney Interactive Studios\Tron Evolution\Binaries\Win32Live\GridGame.exe to always communicate with the Internet.

Also, there's a service called the "Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant" that needs to be running. Without it, GfWL will not work.

Go to the Start menu on XP/Vista/7/10 and type services.msc in the search box, then hit Enter. On Windows 8/8.1, just start typing on the Start screen.

Make sure the "Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant" service is running. If it's not running, then start the service. Then try signing in again with GfWL in TRON Evolution.

And just to prove that GfWL does work and is NOT shut down, I took a screenshot of being signed in on TRON Evolution. Check out the time and date. 10/7/2014 (October 7th, 2014). The day after TRON Evolution was released on Steam.

It's possible you may have to visit the Xbox.com site, sign in with your Microsoft/GfWL/Xbox Live account, and agree to the updated Terms of Service. Not agreeing on the site could also prevent you from logging in.

Do not try to run GfWL before starting the game, or you will get the error message in the screenshot below. The latest version of GfWL only works in-game now.

A possible fix for the Steam version of TRON Evolution not working, is to completely uninstall all PhysX software from Windows via "Add or Remove Programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and Features" (Vista/7/8/8.1/10) in the Control Panel, delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX (you will need to turn off User Account Control aka UAC in Vista/7/8/8.1/10 to delete this folder), and then download and install the most recent version of PhysX.

Thanks to Steam forum members Tozzeb and Chaz for sleuthing PhysX as a potential problem preventing the Steam version from running. The Steam forum threads where this conclusion was arrived at, are HERE and HERE.