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TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod v1.2 Preview Trailer 8 - Demonstrating Single Player Fixes

By TronFAQ on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 6:33 PM

This trailer showcases many of the fixes to the Single Player levels of TRON 2.0, via the upcoming Killer App Mod v1.2. (Some have been shown in previous trailers, but most are new.)

These are all the Single Player issues I've personally noticed, or had pointed out to me. (Some by Mister Julius. Thanks!) But I'm sure I've still missed a few.

The trailer was originally meant to show ALL the Single Player level fixes. But the video became too long, and showing the rest of the fixes had to be postponed until another trailer.

One of the mandates of Killer App Mod v1.2 has always been to fix or enhance the Single Player campaign, a goal partly inspired by the similar (in purpose) System Shock 2 Community Patch (SCP).

Time stamps for notable changes and fixes:

General changes/fixes
  • 00:36 - Fall damage reduced further (earlier versions of the mod already reduced fall damage, but it's been toned down further)
  • 00:55 - Changing disc and arm colors in Single Player via the Mod Manager also changes Jet's body armor color
  • 01:31 - Jet's thrown third-person discs now look the same as the first-person view discs
  • 02:04 - ICPs' thrown third-person discs now look the same as the first-person view discs
  • 03:16 - Kernel's thrown third-person discs now look the same as the first-person view discs
  • 03:47 - Z-Lots now hold third-person handheld model that reflects which weapon is actually in use (instead of always looking like the Ball Primitive)

Program Initialization level
  • 04:25 - Enhancements to opening cutscene (specifically the laser status board changing what it displays)
  • 07:32 - No penalty for de-rezzing help programs or Byte, by using cheat to obtain weapons early, has been remedied (to be consistent with all other levels)

Combat Training Arena level
  • 10:00 - Added glow to second smaller practice arena platform, to match the first one
  • 11:29 - Fixed switches (not accurately showing status) and energy bridge (texture panning effect missing)
  • 11:50 - Mesh Primitive removed from Archive Bin

The Mesh Primitive was removed because, in terms of the game's story, it makes no sense for it to be available that early. It seems clear this was a mistake, and accidentally left in from earlier game testing. The Xbox version of TRON 2.0 also removed the Mesh Primitive, for the same reason.

Jet is introduced to the Mesh Primitive much later during a cutscene, and from that point onward it makes sense for him to have access to it. Not before.

Even if the Mesh Primitive was left in, the player — SPOILER ALERT — loses all their weapons two levels later, anyway. So the period where the Mesh Primitive can be used early is short-lived.

Program Integration level
  • 12:00 - Fixed regression causing disc to not appear on Jet's left arm in many cutscenes, and updated disc to look identical to first-person view
  • 12:30 - Added Build Note "hint" that only appears when Gold cheat is used, to remind players there is a Beta subroutine they can optimize so they won't get stuck in the level
  • 13:46 - Fixed exploit allowing player to jump into another part of the level early
  • 16:14 - Smaller Quarantine Protocol force fields now turn off along with the larger one (leaving them on after Jet disables security measures didn't make much sense)
  • 17:35 - Changed Exit Port beam to be consistent with other levels, added objective completion message, fixed Kernel Aide's lips not moving when he speaks in cutscene

  • 19:02 - Screenshot of Killer App Mod v1.2 changelog (at the time this trailer was uploaded)
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