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TRON RUN/r Game Full Release On Februrary 16, 2016 - Coming To PS4 And XB1 As Well

By TronFAQ on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 9:54 PM
Disney Games just released a trailer stating what we already knew for months: that what became TRON RUN/r, would also be released on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. (I can also see the game ending up on mobile devices, like the iPad.)

The game has been available for PC on Steam in Early Access, for almost two months, in an incomplete form for $10. But now we've learned that the complete game will be released on February 16, 2016 at $20.

TRON RUN/r official trailer

A page on the Disney Games web site reveals there will be 32 levels in total, and some sort of multiplayer functionality called Stream mode (though it's not clear if this is one-on-one head-on, or simply leaderboards). In addition to what's already there in the Steam Early Access version (running on foot doing Disc battles, and Light Cycle racing). There will also be sections where you grind on rails and battle Light Tanks, and most likely Light Runner racing (the vehicle that Quorra drove in TRON Legacy).

Much of the new content coming to the full release was already uncovered by myself a month ago, in a couple of posts — Post 1 and Post 2 — on tumblr.

For more background on the somewhat rocky path that TRON RUN/r took to release, I did a video (below). There's also a previous article showing concept art and how TRON RUN/r was stealth marketed up until now.

TRON RUN/r video about rumors, speculation, and some facts

January 27th UPDATE 1: A written article and video from IGN seems to confirm that despite the earlier rumored involvement of Skrillex for the TRON RUN/r soundtrack, he did not end up contributing. The video also confirms that those who buy the Steam Early Access version of TRON RUN/r for $10 will get the full game (as per the official Steam Early Access policy), instead of the $20 being charged for the console releases.

IGN TRON RUN/r video

February 1st UPDATE 2: According to the Steam discussion forums, where someone has said he was able to play the February 16, 2016 release of TRON RUN/r at PAX South, the Stream mode where you can "challenge friends" is just racing separately and comparing scores on a leaderboard. Not proper player vs. player (PvP) competition. Rather disappointing news.

Also, the Light Runner and new characters I discovered hidden in the Steam Early Access version of the game will apparently not be there for the Feb. 16th release. It looks like they will arrive later, as DLC. There are also supposed to be more Companions (those floating assistants that look like a Bit, or Byte) in the future. On the plus side, there is now a female counterpart character you can play as, and you can change your character's color.

Note that these latest details are all second-hand, unconfirmed information, though. So let's wait and see what the situation is when the game actually releases.

Thanks to Debonair Kitty on the Steam forums for the news!

March 19th UPDATE 3: It looks like TRON RUN/r is getting Linux and Mac versions. The Linux version will probably also work on Valve’s SteamOS.


The Linux/Mac ports are apparently being handled by Tin Giant Games.

Thanks to flesk on the Steam discussion forums, for making me aware of this.

March 21st UPDATE 4: The Mac and Linux/SteamOS versions have just been added to the TRON RUN/r store page.


Thanks to the SteamPlay cross-buy feature, if you already bought the Windows version of the game you get the Mac and Linux/SteamOS versions free.

March 22nd UPDATE 5: The Mac and Linux/SteamOS versions have been temporarily removed from the TRON RUN/r store page.

But you can clearly see the Mac, Linux/SteamOS, and SteamPlay logos on this archived version of the store page.

The Mac and Linux/SteamOS versions will return, but why did they go live if they weren't ready yet?
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