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TRON 2.0: KILLER APP Mod Update

By TronFAQ on Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 11:48 AM
April 16th, 2010 UPDATE: This article is out of date. The Killer App Mod v1.1 has been released.

A lot of people have been asking what's up with the KILLER APP Mod for the PC version of TRON 2.0 lately, so I thought I'd post an update.

First off . . . no, the project isn't dead. There were problems with the first release (it was released back in March), and it was withdrawn. A new version is still being worked on. As soon as we have any reasonable estimate as to when the new version will be completed, we'll post another update.

It would have been easy to just fix the issues with the first release and re-release it. If we'd done that, you would have already seen a new version by now. Instead, we're going to take the time to add additional improvements to the mod.

We apologize for the delay and lack of updates, up until now. Progress has been slow, due to the difficult and ambitious nature of some of the new features we're attempting to add. There have also been disagreements within the team, and some members have had real-life issues impact the time they could devote to the project. To try and avoid future issues, the next version of the mod will be thoroughly tested by every contributor, and more volunteers, in the next round of beta testing.

Here are some planned features for the new version of the mod. We can't promise that they'll all make it in, but we'll do our best.
  • Higher quality and resolution multiplayer character skins
  • One additional new character added to multiplayer
  • Derez powerups in proper 3-D, to match their Light Cycle counterparts
  • New, different first-person POV arms for characters in multiplayer
  • Proper widescreen support

We hope that you will be patient, and that you'll find the additional wait worth the results.

Thanks from the LDSO and KILLER APP Mod teams.

This has also been posted to the ModDB KILLER APP Mod page, and the LDSO forum. If you would like to find out more about the KILLER APP Mod and see a preview video, please see this previous article.