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Another Joaquin Montalvan Interview

By TronFAQ on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 8:32 PM
Visual Futurist: The Art & Life of Syd Mead director Joaquin Montalvan has recently had another interview, this time with site Artist Interviews.

This interview provides a lot of insight into how the documentary came to be: which is definitely something I've been curious about, ever since I first learned of Visual Futurist last year. You really owe it to yourself to read this interview, if you are a fan of TRON or Syd's work in general.

Also, don't forget about the second screening of Visual Futurist at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, mentioned earlier.

As an aside: I appreciated reading Joaquin's comment about how Blade Runner was considered a failure at the time of its release, yet today it's clear that the film's impact was monumental. And I think this very same comment could also be applied to TRON.
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