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Disney Interactive Beginning Work On New TRON Game

By TronFAQ on Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 7:01 PM
Variety reports that Disney Interactive is beginning to make plans for a new TRON game, to tie in with the upcoming movie sequel.

This news follows up on an earlier report: where it was revealed that Disney Interactive has laid off staff, and the sequel to their critically-panned shooter Turok has been cancelled due to disappointing sales.

To say that the release of another TRON game to tie in with the sequel is a "no-brainer", as mentioned in the Variety article, is definitely an understatement. As soon as it was known that the movie sequel had become a reality, it was mind-numbingly obvious that a game announcement would follow. Hell, TRON pioneered the idea of the game tie-in to go with a movie.

The only thing that does surprise me, is mention that DI is "talking to developers". Considering that Disney has gone out of its way to acquire or build-up its own game development studios . . . to hear that they're seeking outside help on this, is somewhat surprising.

Then again, the same could be said of the fact that Digital Domain will be handling the CGI work on the TRON sequel. Considering that Disney also has Pixar: who you think could, and would, want to handle that project, as well. I can only guess that in both cases, these internal Disney studios have their plates full already and can't take on the film and game projects. Or, perhaps, because of the current economic climate, it's more economical to let another development house handle the game.

It's currently unknown what form the game will take. But based on speculation and some prior inside knowledge I have, it will probably end up being similar to the cancelled TRON 3.0 game project. What was TRON 3.0? A game that was to be based on the Unreal Engine, and would involve the electronic and real worlds crossing over. Where the threat of a virus from the computer entering the real world, became a possibility.

Even though I know this will probably fall on deaf ears, here's a plea from a fan dedicated to both TRON and the previous TRON game. Disney, this is your chance to make or break yourselves in the world of video game publishing. Based on your past actions, your previous track record in this area is quite abysmal.

I'm begging you . . . try harder this time. Make sure that not only is the game the best that it can possibly be, but give it the first-class support it deserves and work with the fans this time. Make sure they know the game exists, and make them happy customers. Allow them to properly create maps and mods for the game. If you don't, you'll only end up hurting your reputation again: like you did the last time, with TRON 2.0.

If you are shopping around for a developer, perhaps bringing Monolith back to do the next TRON game wouldn't be a bad idea. Despite their being owned by a competing studio (Warner Bros.) now. Since their execution on TRON 2.0 was so well done. The only thing that held back that game, was poor marketing, support, and relations with the customer base. You shot yourselves in the foot, not us.

Thanks to TRON.dll for the tip!

February 3rd UPDATE: Conflicting information from Joystiq now states that Disney Interactive's Propaganda Games studio, may be responsible for developing the next TRON game after all.

While this seems like a more sensible business decision, you'll forgive me if I don't jump for joy if it turns out that Propaganda is indeed working on the game. Since Turok was a less-than-spectacular game, that received an even worse PC port. I, personally, will not buy the next TRON game if there is no PC version or if it's a poor PC port.

In fact, I'm already prepared for the fact that there will probably be no support for editing the game at all, this time around. Meaning, that it will be extremely difficult to create maps and mods again. Though, if the game will be based on the Unreal Engine — like I suspect, if the game is indeed in Propaganda's hands — then there is some small hope, as there is a wealth of knowledge out there about modding Unreal engine games.

Thanks again to TRON.dll for the tip.
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1 comment so far.

  1. TronFAQ July 30, 2009 6:31 PM
    Pure. Another rare great game (like TRON 2.0 was) amongst an ocean of crappy Disney releases, ruined by poor support.

    Pure sequel was actually stopped

    Disney Interactive released Pure last year, from their Black Rock studio (aka Climax Racing, they changed the name when they bought it). It received great reviews, and apparently even the PC version was well done. (Unlike the PC version of Turok.) Shock. :o

    But in typical Disney fashion, even though the game was great, it received poor marketing and support. So the game bombed. Well, bombed according to their expectations, anyway. It sold 300,000 copies across the three versions. (PC, 360, PS3.)

    Will they never learn? Come on Disney, don't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Don't let this happen to the TRON Legacy game. And do a good PC version, like you did with Pure. Hell, release a proper editing SDK for the game with prefabs and the lot, and I swear I'll never say a bad word about you again! :p

    Then again, with the movie serving as one big advertisement, it probably won't fail unless they do a really bad job on the game. That was the problem with TRON 2.0. No movie to go with it. So nobody knew about it, without heavy advertising. Which wasn't done.

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