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TRON 2.0 Complete Map Pack (Containing All Custom Multiplayer Maps) Updated

By TronFAQ on Monday, March 04, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Download the Complete Map Pack

The TRON 2.0 Complete Map Pack has been updated. It contains one new map, and there are several other changes.

Also now available, are showcase videos previewing many of the maps included in the Complete Map Pack, for the first time. So you can get a sense of what the maps are like, before downloading.

Map Showcase Video 1/3 - Custom Light Cycle Maps

00:12 - TRON Light Cycles by Layer (TRON LIGHTCYCLE)
03:13 - Terminal by timmypowergamer (TERMINAL)
04:04 - Super TRON Bros. 2 by timmypowergamer and Raven (SUPERTRONBROS2)
05:14 - Micro Light Cycles by VMan (VMAN_MICRO)
07:23 - Home by VMan (VMAN_HOME)
09:50 - Port 27888 by Layer and Raven (PORT_27888)
10:19 - AI Arena Redux by Layer and Raven (AI_ARENA_REDUX)
10:48 - Whiteland by timmypowergamer (WHITELAND)
11:44 - Atlantis by Raven (ALANTIS)
14:20 - Demon by VMan (VMAN_DEMON)
15:15 - Deathtrap by TronFAQ (DEATHTRAP_LC_TRONFAQ)
16:41 - Get Outta My Kitchen by Cyrus the Virus (GET_OUTTA_MY_KITCHEN)
17:30 - VMan by VMan (VMAN_VMAN)

Map Showcase Video 2/3 - Custom Derez (Deathmatch) Maps

00:12 - Electronic Cave by Zook_One (Z_CAVE_V1.0)
03:35 - MCP by Xistence (XMCP)
04:59 - YCP Carrier by deeahchur (YCP_CARRIER)
07:58 - CLU Dispatch by Zook_One (Z_CLU_DISPATCH_V1.1)
11:42 - YCP HQ by deeahchur (YCP_HQ)
14:56 - Black Derez by VMan (VMAN_BLACK_DM)
16:16 - RGB Processing Grid by Zook_One (Z_RGB_V1.0)
18:41 - DM World by VMan, Raven, and TronFAQ (VMAN_DMWORLD)
23:40 - Oldskool by Win3K and Xistence (LDSO-OLDSKOOL)
24:51 - Hub by VMan (VMAN_HUB)
27:51 - Airstrike by Win3K (W3KAIRSTRIKE)
29:50 - Hover by Xistence (DSODM-HOVER)
31:42 - Capture the Bit by TronFAQ (CTB2_TDM_TRONFAQ)
35:27 - Sector by SpyDave (DM_SPYDAVE_SECTOR)
37:06 - I/O Error by Nunyas (IO-ERROR)
38:11 - Sky Grid 02 by Mor.Evil-1 and Win3K (SKYGRID_SECTOR-02)

Map Showcase Video 3/3 - Custom Disc Arena Maps

00:12 - Tube Coliseum by Xistence (DSODA-COLLOSEUM)
03:50 - Tetra Rhomboid by Xistence (DSODA-TRS-RHOMBOID)
06:16 - Tetra Trigonal by Xistence (DSODA-TRS-TETRA)
08:25 - Ancient Rebound by Xistence (DSODA-AS-REBOUND)
10:24 - Tube Fragmented by Xistence (DSO_TUBE-FRAGMENT)
11:47 - Disc Golf of TRON by Zook_One (DISC_GOLF_V1.0)
16:26 - Disc Blue by Xistence (DSODA-BS-DISC)
17:48 - Ring Blue by Xistence (DSODA-BS-RING)

Changes in Derez (DM) Map Pack

YCP Carrier (by deeahchur) is also available separately, on its own, so you don't have to download the entire Complete Map Pack just to get the new map. But if you read further, you'll see there have been other changes to the map pack that may make it worth it to you, to re-download the entire thing.

Use REZ Handler to install just the YCP Carrier map, and then use the "Combine .REZ" feature to merge the YCP.REZ file with DM_Pack.REZ to reduce the .REZ file count.

Click here to download just the YCP Carrier map

Changes to the Installer
  • After installation, you will be notified about the TRON 2.0 Multiplayer Fix if you don't already have it. (Since there's no point in installing multiplayer maps, in the first place, if you can't even get online to play them.)

  • Added an option to uninstall the Complete Map Pack, so files won't get left behind if you uninstall the TRON 2.0 game itself.

  • Includes some other under the hood changes, made in preparation for v1.2 of the Killer App Mod.

After the map pack has been extracted, you click on the icon to run the installer. The maps will then finally be installed. If you chose to extract to the desktop but don't see the icon, hit the F5 key on the keyboard to refresh the desktop or click the right mouse button on the desktop and choose Refresh if it's available.