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Monolith Productions Includes TRON 2.0 In 25th Anniversary Celebration

By TronFAQ on Friday, October 11, 2019 at 1:29 PM

Monolith Productions changed their banner on Facebook and Twitter to include TRON 2.0, for their 25th Anniversary. Nice! (I also especially like NOLF, Shogo, and FEAR too, of course!)

I'm kind of surprised Monolith is acknowledging TRON 2.0 (and Aliens vs. Predator 2, for that matter) because, up until now, Monolith's social media accounts seemed to go out of their way to avoid mentioning their older titles made with licensed IP (from competitors to Monolith's current owner, Warner Media).

Perhaps Monolith obtained special permission to mention them, for the 25th Anniversary. Regardless, I'm glad to see Monolith's entire catalogue of games from the last 25 years will likely be featured in some way!

And Monolith is having two contests (so far).

One is where the person who submits the fastest time, in a speedrun video, for one of the indicated games (TRON 2.0 being among them) can win one of several exclusive posters, specially made for Monolith’s 25th Anniversary.

The speedrun video submission doesn’t have to beat the current record (which is 1h 40m 29s for TRON 2.0, at the time I’m writing this). It just has to be the fastest time submitted to the contest.

This contest ends October 24, 2019.

The other contest is to see who can submit the most artistic screenshot for the games indicated (with TRON 2.0 again being among them), the prize being a 25th Anniversary T-Shirt and signed print of their submission.

This contest ends October 22, 2019.

I’ve already tried coaxing digitalfrontiers into submitting some of his gorgeous screenshots of TRON 2.0, but haven’t received a response yet . . .

There’s also apparently further surprises in store for Monolith’s 25th Anniversary, when it comes to celebrating their classic titles. So there will likely be more TRON 2.0 related content from them, to follow.

October 30th, 2019 UPDATE: Monolith recently released some new concept art for TRON 2.0 I'd never seen before, as part of their 25th Anniversary celebration. I asked for, and got permission, from Monolith to share this new TRON 2.0 concept art. In return, they asked that I provide a link to their Official Monoilith Productions Discord channel, where the new art originated from.

Here are a couple of samples, of the TRON 2.0 concept art that Monolith released.

Last year, for the 15th Anniversary of the release of TRON 2.0, I put together a package on behalf of LDSO containing — among other things — concept art, and made it available to download. The majority of the content in this package is what I've personally managed to collect, and preserve, over the years. But since Monolith released more concept art, I've updated the package to include the few new pieces of art Monolith provided.

Find a download link to the TRON 2.0 15th Anniversary download package (now including Monolith's released concept art) here.

I also found out that my friend digitalfrontiers, whom I convinced to enter Monolith's screenshot contest, was one of the winners with his TRON 2.0 entry! So congratulations to him! He wins a Monolith 25th Anniversary t-shirt, and a print of his screenshot autographed by Monolith Productions staff!

Here's a screenshot from Monolith's official Discord channel announcing his win. (He's shown as Nautilus here on Discord.)

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