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Rumor Of TRON Open World RPG Game Releasing In 2021

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, July 02, 2019 at 11:28 PM
This rumor and article are so dubious that I almost decided not to share. It originates from a post by a user on Reddit, that's sparse on detail.


The poster of the rumor on Reddit has no posting history, so no track record to go by as to whether this person has been accurate before, or not.

Also, details are extremely vague. Just that it’s supposed to be an "Open World RPG" that ties Single Player and Multiplayer together, has been in development for at least three years, and won’t be coming out until 2021.

The site managed to create a long-winded article out of four short sentences on Reddit, and starts making assumptions while treating them as "facts".

For example, assuming which platforms the game will be on. The article makes it sound like the game will only be coming to the next Playstation and Xbox, as if the author knows this for a fact. It could just as easily come to PC and Switch, too. (Will the game come to the next consoles? Of course. But don’t assume which platforms the game will be releasing on, when you don’t actually know official details. All the rumor said is that the game is supposedly coming out after the "next consoles release". It didn't go into specifics about platforms.)

All that being said, it makes sense for a new TRON game — if there’s going to be one, any time soon — to be released at the same time the TRON roller coaster opens.

I’ve been saying this all along. If any new TRON film/series is going to be in theaters/on Disney+, and/or a new game comes out, it would be in 2021 to coincide with the TRON roller coaster’s opening.

Thanks to another user, Pooker100 on Reddit, for making me aware of this.
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2 comments so far.

  1. EPCOTFan July 04, 2019 4:34 AM
    I must disagree with some assumptions here. Building any AAA-budget game is a huge undertaking. They would not be building an AAA-budget game just to augment the release of a roller coaster that can be re-themed in a few years and for a fraction of the cost of an AAA-budget game.

    AAA-budget games are hugely expensive. Maintaining an AAA-budget MMO is hugely expensive (it can be akin to making a brand-new AAA-budget game once every 2-3 years).

    If I was forced to take a guess, they might be making an AAA-budget game to augment the release of a MOVIE (let's remember that there have been reboot rumors floating around some time ago) but for a roller coaster? Very unlikely.
  2. TronFAQ July 07, 2019 9:50 AM
    I more or less conclude in the final paragraph that I'm expecting a new TRON movie or series, in theaters or on Disney+. Indeed, it would make far more sense if a game was released together with other new TRON content.

    However, to be devil's advocate for a second, if all we get is a game to coincide with the roller coaster: I wouldn't consider that completely far-fetched or outside the realm of possibility. The game TRON RUN/r was still released, despite original plans for TRON 3 in 2015 being scuppered.

    You could argue Disney decided to finish RUN/r because they wanted to try and salvage the work already done on it, rather than write it off as a complete loss. But they didn't have to. Disney could have just dropped it entirely. So there's a second example of Disney taking a risk and releasing a game, with nothing else to accompany it. (Even if RUN/r probably had a comparatively lower budget than a lot of other games. And the first example is TRON 2.0, which arrived almost two years after the 20th Anniversary TRON DVD release and therefore again had nothing to accompany it.)

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