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TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod v1.2 Preview Trailer 9 - Demonstrating Single Player Fixes

By TronFAQ on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 1:54 AM

Eight levels in roughly 28 minutes. This second trailer showcases more of the fixes to the Single Player levels of TRON 2.0, via the upcoming Killer App Mod v1.2. (Some have been shown in previous trailers, but most are new.)

These are all the Single Player issues I've personally noticed, or had pointed out to me. (Some by Mister Julius. Thanks!) But I'm sure I've still missed a few.

The original plan was to do two trailers demoing all the Single Player fixes. But there's too much to fit into only two, and yet still keep them at a "reasonable" length. So there's going to be at least one more, after this second one.

You can see the first Single Player fixes trailer here.

One of the mandates of Killer App Mod v1.2 has always been to fix or enhance the Single Player campaign, a goal partly inspired by the similar (in purpose) System Shock 2 Community Patch (SCP).

Time stamps for notable changes and fixes:

Prisoner Bin level
  • 00:36 - Enhancement to opening cutscene for 16:9 aspect ratio (the actual player model not being visible while an "actor" version of Jet is doing the cutscene)
  • 02:30 - Empty prisoner cells can now be opened with permissions cheat
  • 03:05 - Encryption keys are difficult to destroy with certain weapons, this has been fixed (for the sake of Gold cheat users)
  • 05:03 - Added sound effect for force field (which was missing)
  • 05:59 - Fixed Exit Port beam missing beam splash and sound effects, textures in "socket" behind it dark and not panning

Transport Station level
  • 06:26 - Fixed Exit Port beam not having beam splash or sound effect
  • 06:53 - Fixed Exit Port textures in "socket" behind it being misaligned and not panning
  • 08:09 - Switches at energy bridge now work for permissions cheat users, and the switches more accurately reflect their current status
  • 10:46 - Fixed Mooring App switches not making any sounds, and added objective completion message when boarding transport

Primary Digitizing level
  • 11:49 - Fixed green light "leaking" into area where it shouldn't be visible
  • 12:17 - Fixed switches controlling bulkhead door (right before Ma3a) not being in sync with each other
  • 13:04 - Fixed Ma3a referring to the player as "Jet" too early (instead of "Alan Two")
Ma3a should not be saying "Jet" when he frees her from her dock, and in fact she goes back to saying "Alan Two" in a cutscene right after this. It's not until the next level that Jet asks Ma3a to refer to him by his real name, instead of his User name. From that point on, Ma3a then calls him "Jet".
  • 13:17 - Fixed missing build point and objective notifications when Exit Port is reached
  • 13:33 - Fixed missing Exit Port base and beam activation sound happening too early

Alan's Desktop PC level
  • 13:53 - Enhancements to video archive cutscene for 16:9 aspect ratio (Popoff is more visible at start, she doesn't "pop in" when she begins moving, and camera pans instead of "jumping")
  • 15:58 - Second I/O Node can no longer be interacted with, and task list hint about where to go added
Players often get stuck on this level, when Ma3a says "activate the I/O Node". There's an I/O Node right there in front of them both, but it doesn't respond when used (and the player doesn't normally have the permissions needed to use it).

There's another I/O Node on the opposite side of the COM Port puzzle area. This first one, is the one that's meant to be used. In order to reduce confusion: the second I/O Node can no longer be interacted with at all, and it doesn't show that you need missing permissions any more. This is to tip off the player that this I/O Node is useless. A hint about needing to use the I/O Node by the "COM Port configuration panel" has also been added to Jet's task list.

Why not remove the I/O Node completely? (Which is what the Xbox version of TRON 2.0 did.) Or how about allowing the player to use either one? The latter was something I considered doing, but changed my mind.

I didn't do either, because: when you're using the first I/O Node, and Ma3a is communicating with you, how is she doing it? That's right, she's using that second "useless" I/O Node. Removing it or letting the player use it makes no narrative sense.

  • 16:27 - Silenced distracting beam sounds during I/O Node use, and restored unused Archive Stack help file
  • 17:45 - Restored unused Power Router help file and created artwork for it (since it was missing)
  • 18:24 - Fixed missing build point and objective notifications on exiting level, sound effect missing, beam splash being too opaque
Power Regulator level
  • 18:44 - Enhancements to video archive cutscene for 16:9 aspect ratio (Popoff faces right way from start, she and DataWraith trainees don't "jump", Crown more visible during camera zoom, camera movement more accurately syncs with sound effects)
  • 19:55 - Fixed permissions cheat users being able to activate useless switch (now disabled), missing force field sound added
  • 20:33 - Fixed Escher-like twisted geometry
  • 21:03 - Program NPC now waits to activate bridge
After players eliminate a swarm of ICPs, a Program NPC would activate a bridge leading to the exit. The problem is that it's easy for players to not witness this happening. So they suddenly see the bridge and wonder how it got there. The Program now waits until the player talks to him, before he activates the bridge.

Power Oculus level
  • 22:07 - Fixed textures on Exit Port columns being too dark to see
  • 23:30 - Fixed sign above Protocol Socket not displaying info when reticle is placed over it
  • 23:36 - Fixed ICPs' energy armor persisting after being de-rezzed

Main Processing Core level
  • 24:18 - Fixed minor issues caused by using permissions cheat on force field switch
  • 25:44 - Fixed permission in Archive Bin not costing energy

Main Power Pipeline level
  • 26:02 - Added missing objective completion message after I/O Node conversation
  • 27:12 - Fixed missing mission failure message (if you don't close all surge suppression circuits in time)
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