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User Error And Killer App Mod - Future Updates

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 3:37 AM
Today the teams that brought you User Error and the Killer App Mod for TRON 2.0 on the PC, are going to show you what you can expect from us in the future.

User Error 3

This is an early, rough test version of a cutscene, for a level in the upcoming User Error 3. The User Error team had always planned to do another mission as a sequel, and we now feel the time is right to work on this next chapter.

We don't have an estimate on the total number of levels, or an ETA, at this time. But we're looking to create a fairly lengthy campaign (close to the same length as Part 2), and we'll be trying to increase the overall quality and polish of our work. It's been four years since the original release of User Error Part 2, and in that time we've learned a lot of new tricks that we think will show in Part 3.

Killer App Mod v1.2

Although not many people have left feedback on our LDSO web site, the TRON fan sites, here, or on ModDB: we've kept an eye out on the internet as a whole, reading your comments and discussions whenever our projects have been brought up.

We've heard some of your annoyances with v1.1 of the Killer App Mod. About installation difficulties, not knowing which order to install all the various add-ons available, about widescreen not always working as it should. Remember, though, that v1.1 was released as an Open Beta. Because we knew there were inevitably going to be issues that we overlooked. That's why we needed that feedback, and feedback sent directly to us would have been more helpful.

That being said: a lot of the issues that have cropped up, will be put to rest in v1.2 of the mod. Installation will be a lot easier and work better, you'll be informed of add-ons and what order to install them, widescreen will work better, and you'll even automatically be notified of any further updates when you first install the mod or run the Mod Manager.

Here's a video previewing a couple of the improvements in widescreen implementation.

The System Memory screen, where you work with subroutines, now has correctly working hit-detection in widescreen. Before, the cursor placement would often have to be off to the side in order to highlight something. Rather than being directly on top. Not any more, though, as the video demonstrates.

And now if you enter the Display options menu of the game, the resolution no longer resets to the default 640x480. You can pick your resolution, directly from within the game itself. This will prevent you from losing widescreen by accident, and then needing to run the Mod Manager to get it back.

Again, we don't have an exact ETA for the v1.2 update. But we're looking to have it done before the end of 2012.

Thanks from the User Error and Killer App Mod teams, and if you have any questions or comments: visit the LDSO message forum, or leave a comment here.