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TRON 2.0 Complete Map Pack (Containing All Multiplayer Maps) Now Available

By TronFAQ on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 11:23 PM
After a lot of deliberation: I've made the decision to stop offering all the Multiplayer custom maps as a collection of several files, that either require you to use REZ Handler or manual intervention to install. Instead, all the maps are now contained in one self-installing map pack executable (for the PC version of TRON 2.0; Mac map packs will continue to be offered and will be updated ASAP).

There are many pros and cons to going this route. The main cons are the large file size and longer download time. The map pack is quite large, at 748 MB. But I believe the simplicity of installation and the fact that you get all the maps in one download, more than outweighs the drawbacks.

The setup program has a list of all the maps that are installed (in the scrolling text box), but it's important to know that there are brand new maps included amongst all the older ones. These include Zook_One's new Electronic Cave Derez map, and new Light Cycle maps named T.Basic and T.Corrupt by Tailmister.

As new maps continue to appear, this Complete Map Pack will be updated to include them. But for those who already have all the previously released maps and don't want to have to download the entire thing all over again, new maps will also be made available individually and can be installed using REZ Handler.

After the Map Pack setup program is finished installing, you will end up with four map pack files in .REZ form that are installed in TRON 2.0. The game has a limit on how many of these .REZ files it can handle, and in this new Complete installer several of the earlier map packs have been consolidated down to four in order to avoid any limit problems. Though if you have any trouble, you can use REZ Handler to temporarily disable map packs. Or you can even merge them using the "Combine selected .REZ files" feature to bring the number down.

Here is a guide to what the older map packs used to be named and how many there were, compared to what they're named now and how they've been merged to reduce their number.

Old NameNew Name

Changes in Light Cycle (LC) Map Pack

Changes in Derez (DM) Map Pack
Electronic Cave (Z_CAVE_V1.0) ADDED

I recommend that everyone (especially server operators) update their map pack files, as soon as possible.

The Complete Map Pack, as well as the new maps on their own as individual files, are available from the All TRON 2.0 Files page.
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