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User Error 2 Single Player Expansion Released

By TronFAQ on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 9:12 PM
October 31st, 2012 UPDATE: This article is out of date. An updated version of User Error that self-installs and works in widescreen (after installing the Killer App Mod first), has been released.

After about two years in development, the follow-up to the original User Error expansion for TRON 2.0 on the PC — User Error 2 — is now available for download from ModDB.

Brought to you by LDSO team members Mor.Evil-1, Win3K, and zook_one: User Error 2 adds 10 additional levels to the original User Error by Meatsack, for a total of 16 levels. The file that you will download contains both the original User Error mission, as well as the new User Error 2 mission, all in one expansion.

The storyline of User Error 2 continues the adventures of Jeremy Powers from the original, where Jeremy entered the electronic world inside the computer in order to obtain a file that could potentially be very valuable. Jeremy is struggling with serious financial troubles, and sees gaining access to this file as a way to repay his debts by selling it to a former Russian agent named Karl. However, gathering all the parts of the file is proving to be more difficult than he had anticipated. In User Error 2, Jeremy presses on to finish his mission.

Here are some screenshots from the mod!

For more screenshots and information about User Error 2, visit its ModDB page or drop by the LDSO forum to let us know what you think of it! You can find instructions on how to use the mod in our forum. I'll also be posting a guide on how to use mods, soon. But until then, visit the forum if you have any problems.

The easiest way to use it, is to download and install REZ Handler: which will allow you to browse to the UserErrorRC2.rar file in the program and point and click the downloaded file to install it. Then a new Custom button should appear on the TRON 2.0 game launcher. Clicking that button will bring up a window with an empty checkbox beside the name of the mod. Place an X inside the checkbox and click OK. Then click Play and start a new Single Player game.

Don't forget that having the mod enabled will prevent you from playing Multiplayer online. You must disable the mod again by clicking the Custom button in the launcher, and removing the X from the checkbox.

TRON Sequel Now Slated For Spring 2011 Release?

By TronFAQ at 3:41 PM
According to a story posted on Ain't-it-Cool News, the planned TRON sequel is now due out in the Spring of 2011 rather than 2009 or 2010.

This story also backs up the earlier rumor about the sequel being released in 3-D.

So it's 2011 now? Yikes. I hope that means they're taking extra time to do it right. But then again, this is Disney we're talking about.

So when will they do a greenlight announcement? This stops just short of confirming for sure that the sequel is a go.

Thanks to DaveTRON for the news!

Discs Of TRON Live Arcade Release On February 13th, 2008

By TronFAQ on Saturday, February 09, 2008 at 4:42 AM

So, the other shoe finally drops. Discs of TRON for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade will be made available next week on Wednesday, February 13th according to a press release from Disney Interactive.

Why the releases of the original TRON Arcade and Discs of TRON were delayed for so long, is a really interesting question. But they are finally both here.

The release mentions the 80 score that the game received from the US version of the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), but naturally neglects to mention the 20 score from the UK version of the magazine.

Considering the lukewarm reception to TRON Arcade by gamers and fans, I'll be watching closely to see if Discs of TRON fares any better.

UPDATE: The negative reviews and fan disappointment continues with Discs of TRON. Can't say I'm really surprised. It seemed pretty clear to me from the beginning that Disney Interactive was putting minimal effort into the Live Arcade titles.

My favorite quote that sums up how people feel about the TRON Live Arcade games comes from Shane Monroe over at Retrogaming Radio.

Discs of Tron sucks balls. No sale here. Disney Interactive can SUCK MY BALLS for dicking us over TWICE with Tron IP. - Shane Monroe

I truly laughed my ass off when I read that. I've been critical of DI in the past, but never quite used strong language like that. Thanks for telling it like it is, Shane. Very well put. :)

Three TRON 2.0 FAQs Answered

By TronFAQ on Wednesday, February 06, 2008 at 3:41 PM
Since I'm tired of seeing the same few search query terms in hits to this site, over and over: I'm going to answer the three most popular questions that people who want to play TRON 2.0, have.

LAST UPDATED October 21st, 2012

Q: Does TRON 2.0: KILLER APP for the original Xbox work on the Xbox 360?

A: No. And it probably never will. Microsoft has not added the game to its 360 backward compatibility list, and they are actually ending their backward compatibility updates. So, in other words, since it's not on the list already . . . it never will be.

If you're really anxious to play the game, and don't want to invest in a used Xbox: do yourself a favor, and pick up TRON 2.0 for the PC instead. The Single Player experience on the PC version is far superior. Trust me: I own both versions, and I'm speaking from experience. When BVG and Climax ported the game to the Xbox, many detrimental changes and sacrifices were made. The graphics on the PC are better, there are virtually no bugs once it's patched up (unlike the Xbox version, which has some irritating bugs), and things have not been cut or downsized in order to cram it into the Xbox's more limited 64MB of memory.

TRON 2.0 is an older title now, so it's not exactly considered a demanding game any more. Any PC bought in the last 2-3 years should be able to play it at maximum settings, without breaking a sweat.

Q: Does TRON 2.0 work on Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8?

A: Yes, to all three. I can personally verify this: since I have run TRON 2.0 on the original release of Vista, Vista SP1, Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8. The game even works with the 64-bit versions, which can sometimes be more problematic with compatibility than the 32-bit versions of Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 that some people might still be using.

If you are having a problem getting the game to install or run in Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, it's not directly the fault of the operating system. You probably need to update one or more of your drivers, or download all the Windows Update hotfixes. Also make sure that you are running the game in Administrator mode. The game has been tested and confirmed to work on both the original release of Vista, and Vista updated with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Service Pack 2 (SP2).

And on Windows 7, the game runs better than on Vista or even Windows XP. Yes, I am serious. Windows 7 is incredibly good and I recommend it. There is little reason to hesitate upgrading to Windows 7, like was the case with Vista. Games like TRON 2.0 run faster and smoother on Windows 7 than they ever did on Vista.

However, I personally do not recommend upgrading to Windows 8 at this time. When it comes to playing games, stick with Windows 7 for now. If I change my mind on this, I'll update this Mini-FAQ. Despite the recommendation, TRON 2.0 does run even smoother on Windows 8 than it does on Windows 7. Believe it or not.

One bit of advice I can give if you're having any difficulty, is to try using the Unofficial Patch instead of the Official one. And this goes for all versions of Windows. Sometimes, in rare cases, the Official Patch won't install properly.

Q: Does TRON 2.0 support widescreen?

A: Not properly, no. That is not to say that the game won't work at all at higher widescreen resolutions, of course. It's just that if you run the game on a widescreen monitor, the picture will become distorted. TRON 2.0 only properly supports resolutions with a 4:3 aspect ratio, while widescreen displays use a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

However, the TRON 2.0: KILLER APP Mod v1.1 solves this problem. One of the features in this release of the mod, is proper widescreen support in the game. Here is a video trailer demonstrating widescreen support at 1280x720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio.