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TRON 2.0 Ranked Third On Top 10 Sci-Fi Games List

By TronFAQ on Friday, January 09, 2009 at 12:33 PM
On the new sister site to Sci-Fi Wire, called Fidgit, the game TRON 2.0 has been ranked third in a list of titles that "redefine science-fiction" in gaming.

The author of the article (Tom Chick, a well-known and popular games journalist) states that "Monolith's under-appreciated 2003 TRON 2.0 did a superlative job recreating the world of the movie". Damn right, it did. It's truly an under-appreciated gem of a game that flew under most people's radar, thanks to poor promotion and support from its publisher.

There also seemed to be a resentment among a significant number of fans, that it wasn't exactly the same as the movie and instead chose to update the world of TRON. They wanted TRON: The Arcade Game, Next Gen Edition. Which I thought was grossly unfair. The game is very respectful in its new take on the original source material, paying great homage to the film despite the changes made. One can only hope that the TRON sequel film will be as thoughtful in its treatment of the first film, as the game has been. (TRON 2.0: Killer App's pointless alterations, notwithstanding.)

TRON 2.0 did very well on the list, even managing to top such classic titles as Multiwinia (an obviously TRON-inspired game, if there ever was one), Myst, Out of this World (a classic that I still love to this day), and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

And it's right behind the Fallout series and Bioshock, no less. (Bioshock, frankly, does not deserve to occupy that top spot, IMHO. I was so looking forward to Bioshock as a title that would uphold Irrational's 2K Boston's tradition of producing intelligent games. What we got, instead, was a mediocre title: with fantastic visual and audio production, decent storytelling, but poor gameplay. Anyway, I digress . . .)
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  1. TRON.dll January 11, 2009 2:35 AM
    Wow, I can't believe Half-Life wasn't in that list. Personally, I don't think Multiwinia deserves to be there either, since it doesn't really have a storyline. Darwinia would've been a better title to put in that position.

    Pretty sweet how TRON 2.0 ranked up there with Bioshock and Fallout. :)

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