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TRON Evolution Removed From Steam, But Will Remain In Your Steam Library If You Already Own It

By TronFAQ on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 1:42 AM
Some time late in the evening on April 17, 2019, Disney quietly removed TRON Evolution from Steam. It can no longer be purchased.

SteamDB entry showing the game’s removal from Steam:

TRON Evolution Steam store page link
(which no longer works and redirects you to the Steam front page):

But it’s important to note that if you already own TRON Evolution on Steam, it will remain in your game library. You still own it. You can still play it.

To prove that if you own TRON Evolution you can still download it from your Steam library and install it, I’ve added an embedded video below demonstrating this. I downloaded and installed the game on April 22, 2019, which is several days after Evolution was removed from sale on Steam.

Since Evolution was removed from Steam right before the Easter long weekend: even if someone has tried to contact Disney to find out the reason for the removal (since they didn’t make any kind of announcement), we probably won’t find out why for a while yet. If at all.

Because of the lack of an explanation from Disney, there’s been a lot of speculation as to why the game was removed.

I can think of several possibilities, myself. But I feel these are the two most likely reasons:

  • A number of people reported having issues getting TRON Evolution to work on Windows 10. And due to the number of refund and/or support requests, Disney decided support was more expensive than the profit earned from sales. Making the game not worth selling any more.

    However . . . a mistake Disney made with the Steam release of TRON Evolution, is they didn't prompt people to restart Windows after installing the game. For many people, the game won't work until the user does that. If they'd added a prompt to restart, it probably would've cut support/refunds to almost nil.

  • The other possibility, is perhaps Disney had a contract with Daft Punk to still allow use of parts of their TRON Legacy soundtrack while continuing to sell TRON Evolution. And that contract has now expired. Rather than renew the contract, Disney pulled the game from Steam. Since Disney outright owns TRON and TRON Evolution, there can’t be any other kind of licensing issue.

A third, much more remote, possibility is that Disney hired a third party (GOG? Epic Games?) to update Evolution, to remove SecuROM and Game For Windows Live. And as part of agreeing to remove the junk, that third party will get the exclusive right to sell the game for a limited period of time.

But I seriously doubt it.

Despite some people having trouble getting the Steam version of TRON Evolution to work, I assure you it can and does work on Windows 10. Here's another video, embedded below, showing Evolution actually running on the upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 update.

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