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TRON: The Ghost In the . . . PC?

By TronFAQ on Friday, November 24, 2006 at 8:55 PM
Many thanks to fellow LDSO member Mor.Evil-1 for bringing this ad to my attention. Seems some folks at a certain computer store chain, are fans of the TRON comic. And it goes without saying, that TRON and computers are synonymous. What better way to advertise PC components, than with an homage to TRON?

Click the picture to see it full size

I've cut-and-pasted the relevant parts of the ad together, in the picture above. You can see the original ad in its entirety, HERE. The ad is partially animated on the original page, which is not reflected in the picture.

November 25th UPDATE: After doing a little more investigating, I discovered the home page for these comic strips. This series is indeed called Screenshots, and two TRON-inspired comics preceded this one. Check out Episode #36 Nort, Episode #37 Almost to Level 50, and finally Episode #38 Ghost in the Machine (a larger version of the one above, without all the advertising).
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