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Threadless TRON-inspired Clothing - A Review

By TronFAQ on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 9:02 PM
Recently, I was sent an item from Threadless' new TRON-inspired line of clothing: which consists of a T-Shirt (available in both Men's and Women's) and Hoodie, with a TRON-like design called "My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle". Sizes range from Extra Small (XS) to Double Extra Large (2XL).

The product page can be found here. The Tee costs $20 U.S., while the Hoodie is $45 U.S. (This is before shipping. The shipping varies depending on where you live.)

The design was chosen in a contest as a winner, designed by Rolf Nelson. A designer from Texas, he stated his inspiration for the design as being: "A few years ago I found an old, working Tron machine at a concert venue, and remembered how awesome the movie was. After hearing about the sequel I figured it would be the right time to try unite other Tron fanatics by designing something they could sport all the time."

The Tee is a Light Blue while the Hoodie is an Aquamarine color. Those seem to be the only colors available at this time. Both use glow in the dark ink for their designs, a nice touch.


I was sent a Hoodie for review. I wear a Large size, and the sweater and hood fit snugly. It's very light and comfortable. The material is 100% cotton, so you will have to be a bit delicate with it when you wash it. There's a drawstring in white for the hood.

The zipper is metal, which I think is great and very important. Nylon zippers can easily get stuck or break. Metal is far better and lasts much longer. Kudos to Threadless for making the zipper metal and not cheaping out here.

I tried to see the "glow in the dark" effect, and it was there . . . but very faint. It's probably because the hoodie hasn't been exposed to enough direct sunlight yet. The weather where I live has been overcast lately. If it glows more strongly with enough light exposure, then the effect is going to be very cool and draw a lot of attention.

All in all, I like the hoodie very much. The metal zipper is a big plus in my book. It's too bad there isn't more color selection available, but the Aquamarine does fit the TRON-inspired look they're going for. The circuit pattern looks great, exactly what you expect if you're a fan of the film. Recommended.

Thanks to everyone at, or working with, Threadless for the chance to review one of their products. :)
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