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TRON 3 Could Begin Filming By The End Of 2014

By TronFAQ on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 2:54 PM
Over a year ago, there was news that the sequel to TRON Legacy — TRON 3, for lack of a better name right now — was on a fast-track for release, perhaps as early as this year.

Now, Crave Online has word from Bruce Boxleitner, TRON himself, that TRON 3 might begin filming at the end of 2014, with a possible 2015 release. The article also mentions a number of other interesting tidbits.

The script is being written by new writers Jesse Wigutow and David DiGilio, with Legacy's writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz out of the picture. This doesn't concern me too much, in spite of the fact that these new writers don't have a lot in the way of prior writing credits. Giving the script to some new blood might actually lead to a better story . . . because Legacy's story was definitely its achilles heel. Joseph Kosinski, director of TRON Legacy, is likely to return though.

Cillian Murphy, who appeared as Ed Dillinger Jr. in TRON Legacy as a cameo, is rumored to be returning as Jr. for a pivotal role in TRON 3.

Which leads to the third revelation: that much of the film will be occurring in the real world, with only a limited amount of time spent inside the computer, in the electronic world. The focus of the sequel's plot, will apparently be Sam Flynn and Alan Bradley trying to retain control of ENCOM. With Dillinger Jr. attempting to take the company for himself.

That's definitely not the kind of news, that I want to hear, as a fan of TRON. While I believe the takeover attempt by Dillinger Jr. will make for a potentially interesting story twist on screen, I wouldn't want TRON 3 to dwell on it so much that it's to the detriment of scenes in the computer world. The electronic world is what fans of TRON want to see, not the mundane world of reality which they can get in any other film.

Thanks to Nikefutbolero on TRON-Sector for the heads-up.
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2 comments so far.

  1. Kolya January 26, 2014 8:16 AM
    You can get computer generated imagery in any other film (and game) too. So hopefully there's something to TRON besides presentation that makes it special. And that's what any new film should explore. The lore of TRON.
  2. Anonymous June 03, 2014 3:43 PM
    this sounds cool to me.. I wanted a little more of the real world after viewing the first 2 films & loved the original's brief moments w/dilinger in his office. I was blown away by the trailer for legacy but felt underwhelmed upon viewing it. --a role/cameo by dilinger sr. would be cool in part 3 as well

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