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REZ Handler Does NOT Contain A Virus!

By TronFAQ on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 3:02 AM
I've been hearing some reports lately: where people with Norton Anti-Virus, are saying that the program is flagging the REZ Handler installer as containing a virus.

This is NOT correct. Norton is reporting what's known as a false positive. Since this problem has never been reported before, a recent LiveUpdate by Symantec must have caused this.

I repeat, the program DOES NOT contain a virus. Hundreds of people have been using REZ Handler, and you would think that if it contained a virus they would have said something by now . . .

If you temporarily disable Norton Anti-Virus, you can then download and install the program and turn it back on afterward, to get around this. Meanwhile, I'm going to try and contact Symantec to see if there's a way I can get them to update their product, and eliminate this false positive result.

I also found a message thread discussing the false positive problem, on the company site whose product I used to create the REZ Handler installer.

And I just realized, that I used the same installer creation program for the Capture the Bit Update. You will get the same false positive result on that, too.

April 24th UPDATE: Symantec has updated their Anti-Virus definitions and fixed the problem. Use LiveUpdate to get the latest definitions. The REZ Handler and Capture the Bit Update installer programs will no longer mistakenly be identified as containing a virus!
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