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Help Test Killer App Mod v1.1a BETA (Works Better With Steam Version Of TRON 2.0)

By TronFAQ on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 3:08 AM
October 31, 2014 UPDATE: This article is out of date. Killer App Mod v1.1a has been released.

The release of TRON 2.0 on Steam, has necessitated an interim, updated release of the Killer App Mod. The current v1.1 of the mod does not work very well with the Steam version of the game.

For the last two weeks: I've set version 1.2 of the mod aside, to work on v1.1a. Disney Games updating TRON 2.0 on Steam three times since release (as of the time I'm writing this), slowed down my efforts to get v1.1a done in a more timely manner.

But, v1.1a is finally ready for testing. This is considered a Beta version of v1.1a, so I cannot guarantee it will work 100% smoothly for everyone. That's why I need people who will volunteer to test it, and provide feedback. I want to hear back from everyone who tries it. Regardless of whether it works well, or you have problems. Hearing people say "it works well for me, no problems, thanks!" is just as important as hearing about any issues you might encounter.

The mod was tested on XP, 7, and the latest Windows 10 Preview (Build 9860). It worked fine for me on all three different computers running those versions of the OS. It should also work fine on Windows 8/8.1.

I've also tested several of the other mods like the User Error Single Player expansions, the Complete Map Pack (fan-made custom Multiplayer maps), the Ancient Disc Mod, and so on. You can get these mods from this page. They all seemed to work fine with the Steam version of TRON 2.0, so I won't be releasing any updates for those. Killer App is the only mod that really needed updating.

This interim version of the mod does not have the majority of the huge improvements that will be in v1.2 of the Killer App Mod. You can get a taste of what v1.2 will offer, in this article. But a few of the improvements that were originally meant to debut with v1.2, have been back-ported to v1.1a. A full list of the changes from v1.1 to v1.1a can be found here.

But the most significant change, is restored functional Multiplayer without the need to install the old Multiplayer Fix any more. The in-game server browsing and joining features are now working again. Clunky, awkward, out-of-game solutions are no longer required.

This Beta version of the mod is still a bit rough around the edges. Text in the installer isn't always neatly formatted, the documentation is something of a mess (and it won't be properly updated until v1.2), and there are some other minor issues I still need to fix. One important issue to be aware of: Do not uninstall v1.1a while Steam is running. Be sure to quit Steam first.

Note that v1.1a of the Killer App Mod is not compatible with v1.1 for online Multiplayer. Everyone playing together in a match must be using v1.1a, and that includes the server hosting the match. I recommend uninstalling v1.1 before replacing it with v1.1a. I've got LDSO TRON 2.0 Multiplayer servers hosting matches on weekends, and they are currently running the Beta v1.1a. I will also be providing schmatzler with v1.1a, so he can update his servers and then anyone with v1.1a can join.

If you want to test Killer App v1.1a: visit the LDSO site and click "Contact LDSO" to send an e-mail. I will send you the download link through Steam chat, or a private message on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or I'll send you an e-mail. Whichever method you prefer.

Don't bombard me with requests in the comments section of this article. I won't be responding to them.
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