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Server Map Polls

By TronFAQ on Friday, February 17, 2006 at 2:24 AM
I want to find out which custom maps you'd like to see on each server: Light Cycles, Disc Arena, and Derez (or Death Match).

I'd also like to find out which of the retail Light Cycle maps you'd like me to take out of the map rotation for the LC server. I know that not all of the maps are everyone's favorite.

I'm planning to add custom maps to the LC server soon. They will be added to the end of the list, so the retail maps will all be back-to-back. That way, you can play for a long stretch without getting kicked off.

I already know now that this is going to be an unpopular decision. Why it's such a big deal to download and install the custom maps . . . I don't know. Unless you live in a country where they charge for bandwidth used or you're on dialup, I don't see what the excuse is. Is it because you think the custom maps are bad? Because you haven't got the layouts memorized, and the playing field between vets and noobs is suddenly leveled?

For the Mac players out there, I feel your pain. But, I already know that custom maps can work on the Mac too. If someone would just work with me on it, I'm sure we could figure out exactly what needs to be done. If I had access to a Mac: you can bet I already would have figured it out.

Anyway, please vote in the polls. And if you really feel that you don't want custom maps on the LC server, leave me a comment. But unless I see a lot of comments screaming "No!", I'm going to go through with it. There are some good custom maps out there, you know?

To see all the maps out there, with descriptions and screenshots together: click the following links.

May 9th Update: The polls have been closed, due to the fact that the servers have shut down recently. If I decide to bring back the servers at some point, the results of these polls will be taken into account. Thanks to everyone who voted!
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