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Servers Back Online

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 9:58 PM
My servers are back online. There have been numerous changes made to the server settings and map rotations. The most important change, is that custom maps have been added to the LC server.

Here are the set-ups of each server . . .

LC Server


Number of teams: 7
Team size: 1
Opponent cycle type: Light Cycle
Game speed: Extreme
Max trail length: Normal
Total races: 7
Total points: 0 (Unlimited)
Total time: 0 (Unlimited)
Max ping allowed: 320
Derez point value: 4
Self-Derez point value: -2
Win race point value: 10
Powerups: All

Map rotation

Alantis - LC Map Pack 3
Deathtrap - LC Map Pack 3
TripleDeck X - LC Map Pack 4
Bebo's Fishin' Hole - LC Map Pack 4
Micro - LC Map Pack 4
Fubar - LC Map Pack 4
Port 27888 - LC Map Pack 5
Super Tron Bros. 2 - LC Map Pack 5
Terminal - LC Map Pack 5
Home - VMan Home

DA Server


Number of teams: 8
Team size: 1
Friendly fire: Yes
Spectator discs: No
Allow auto aim: No
Points per match: 3
Match time: 10
Matches won limit: 5
Time limit: 30
Games per map: 1
Max ping allowed: 0 (Unlimited)
Air control: 70%

Map rotation

Ring - DSO Map Pack
Disc - DSO Map Pack
Rebound - DSO Map Pack
Rhomboid - DSO Map Pack
Tetra - DSO Map Pack
Coliseum - DSO Map Pack
I/O Hub - DA Map Pack 1

DM Server


Max programs: 8
Allow auto aim: No
Derez limit: 30
Time limit: 20
Games per map: 1
Max ping allowed: 0 (Unlimited)
Air control: 80%
Run speed: 130

Map rotation

CTB2 - CTB TDM and CTB Update
TankGrid-01A - DM Map Pack 1
Oldskool - DM Map Pack 1
Prankster Bit Alley - DM Map Pack 1
Morsmap - DM Map Pack 2
DM-1.5A - DM Map Pack 2
PartyGrid - DM Map Pack 1
I/O Error - DM Map Pack 1
Black - DM Map Pack 1
Hover - DSO Map Pack

There wasn't as much participation in the polls as I'd hoped, and the difference between less popular and more popular maps sometimes only differed by one or two votes. Which made it difficult to decide on the map rotations. I will likely change the lineup again, from time to time. So if a favorite map of yours isn't in the list, it may show up in the future.

I also took into account the nicely (and not so nicely) given feedback, about the server settings. Hopefully the new settings will be more to everyone's liking, though I know one can never please everybody. If there are any problems with the new settings, I'll make further adjustments.

During this downtime, I took the opportunity to do some experimentation with various server settings and set-ups. In the process, I made something of a shocking discovery. Which I'll tell all of you about, tomorrow.
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