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New Servers Are Up

By TronFAQ on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 3:09 AM
I've started some new TRON 2.0 servers as of today. One for each game mode. I've run servers intermittently before, but while the DayenTech servers were still active: it was pretty pointless to keep them going. Now that they're gone (but hopefully not for good), it makes sense again.

I don't have a T1 line like Dayen did, but I have a good upstream speed and at least there are servers on the North American East coast now. So players in the East and/or in Europe, can try them out. People playing each other across the ocean, should have pings that almost equal out. Instead of being lopsided, when everyone connects to BVG's servers.

Bear with me as I gain experience with tweaking and configuring the servers. I can't guarantee they'll be online 24/7, but I'll try to keep them up as much as possible. If you have suggestions to make about what maps you'd like to see, or what settings you prefer: add a comment to this post using the link below.

For now, the LC server is strictly running retail maps (ones that came with the game), until I figure out what map rotation to settle on. There are so many custom LC maps, it's hard to decide which ones to put in.

For the DA and DM servers, they are both running a mix of retail and custom maps. The retail maps are all back-to-back, so there will be a long stretch before players get the "boot". Then there will be a long stretch of custom maps, mostly from LDSO members. And finally, the cycle repeats.

I'm open to suggestions about what settings and maps to put on each server. But one thing I'm not open to, is telling me to remove the custom maps. I'm tired of people making excuses about why it's so hard, or such a pain, to install custom maps. And all these perfectly great maps go to waste. So, you got that? Custom maps stay.

You don't like it? Tough. Go play on the other servers, then. At least I put all the retail maps next to each other in rotation, so there's a good long stretch before you get kicked.

Screenshot of REZ Handler

I just posted a great big list of all the files, together in one place. So all the maps are in one easy to find spot. And REZ Handler makes it easy to install and manage the maps. If you have any excuses (unless you pay for bandwidth used), then you're just being lazy. Okay, rant over now.
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  1. Anonymous February 16, 2006 11:57 AM
    I got online to play Derez on your server yesterday. They worked great and it was fun to play on some custom maps for the first time. Man-o-man the Purple disco map is fricken scary... Somebody did a great job on that one. Thanks for getting those servers up!


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