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CONFIRMED . . . Custom Maps DO Work On The Mac

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 12:44 AM
There are now three Mac users, reporting that they have been able to successfully use custom maps on the Mac version of TRON 2.0.

Both Askilfeasd and TRS-80 reported success in this thread on Boxhat. But now thanks to Ocelot, who explained what he did step-by-step, it's been 100% confirmed that following the second approach on a page I wrote a long time ago, will work.

This method works exactly the same way as it does on the PC version. It's possible to extract the contents of the custom map .REZ files using Game Extractor on the Mac, and put it in a folder called Custom, and then the game will see the maps. This will work for any type of map: be it Disc Arena, Derez, or Light Cycles.

And thanks to 9VoltChicken (who introduced me to Ocelot), he came up with an idea that would allow Mac users to use maps directly from a .REZ file in a way that's much simpler than the first approach on the previously mentioned page.

I'll be looking into somehow making the custom maps available in their extracted form. Or even better, give more details about using 9VoltChicken's approach. We just need a bit of time to figure out the best way to proceed with these ideas.

Check back in the near future, for further details!
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  1. Anonymous March 19, 2006 8:24 AM
    What about the 3rd method?

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