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Two New Derez Maps Released And Server Changes

By TronFAQ on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 2:41 AM
Mor.Evil-1 has just released two new maps, called SkyGrid Sector 01 and SkyGrid Sector 02. You can download them both in a map pack, HERE.

Screenshot of SkyGrid 01

The Sector 01 map is meant as a chat grid where players can kick back, relax, and drink in the atmosphere: with only the Disc Primitive as a weapon. Any combat on this map, will genuinely test the skill of players who engage in battle.

The Sector 02 map? I'll leave that as a surprise. If you can think of Sector 01 as being peaceful and a version of "heaven", then I wonder what Sector 02 would be like?

I'd just like to add that I think Mor.Evil-1 has done an exceptionally good job, on these two new maps. Well done, Mor!

Due to the release of these two maps, I've taken the opportunity to make further changes to my servers.

For the LC server, the ping limit has been increased to 400. No other changes.

On the DA server, the order of the retail maps in the rotation has been re-shuffled.

Finally, on the DM server the map I/O Error has been removed, while the two new SkyGrid maps were added.

DA Server

Map rotation

Ring -
DSO Map Pack
Disc -
DSO Map Pack
Rhomboid -
DSO Map Pack
Rebound - DSO Map Pack
Tetra -
DSO Map Pack
Coliseum -
DSO Map Pack
Tube Fragmented -
DA Map Pack 1

DM Server

Map rotation

TankGrid-01A -
DM Map Pack 1
Oldskool -
DM Map Pack 1
Prankster Bit Alley -
DM Map Pack 1
DM-1.5A -
DM Map Pack 2
SkyGrid 02 -
DM Map Pack 1
Micro -
DM Map Pack 1
PartyGrid -
DM Map Pack 1
Morsmap -
DM Map Pack 2
Fragmented -
DSO Map Pack
RGB Processing Grid -
DM Map Pack 1
CTB2 - CTB TDM and CTB Update
SkyGrid 01 - DM Map Pack 1
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  1. Anonymous April 02, 2006 12:06 PM
    What's about a map where all players fight in team against the corrupting or something like that? That would be funny!

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